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So, yesterday I drove up to Los Angeles to pick up my dad's reconditioned Rolleiflex 2.8e. It's beautiful but I have not the first clue how to use it, so I ordered a manual and tried to pick out some film. I recognized some of the names from a set of VSCO presets I ordered a while back, so I'm playing with some of them on my digital files to see what effect I might be able to achieve with the Rolleiflex. This was edited using Fuji 800Z (with quite a few tweaks), but I love the retro feel of the tones (reminds me of photos my dad took in the 60s), so I might try to track some down. I'm going to start with B/W because I think it lends itself well to the square format. Given the expense, and just 12 shots per roll, it's going to be an interesting challenge to be extra selective about what I shoot. I've become so accustomed to shooting as many as I want that I think this is going to really test my skills.
For those of you who have used a box camera like a Rolleiflex, do you have any tips for me?
@pickerandagrinner Louis can help you... and yes Louis i will be using mine soon. ")
January 5th, 2018  
@kali66 Thanks, Kali!
January 5th, 2018  
Instant fav
January 5th, 2018  
I commend you, a brave undertaking. My use of my Dad's old Rollieflex is minimal. I can load it but have no real experience in loading the exposed film on the reel. There is no commercial developer in town so I am on my own with film.
January 5th, 2018  
oh my, christine. a beautifully composed image. this totally reminds me of photos that my pa also took in the 60s - so reminiscent. will be really looking forward to your images with the rolleiflex. i would also find it really tough since i tend to shoot far more shots than i end up with. good luck!
January 5th, 2018  
my dad (who was a photographer) had a Rolleiflex 2.8e and I was fascinated by it as a kid -- the look down viewfinder and the dials on the front. Wish I had that one now!!
January 5th, 2018  
Breathtaking- 👍💖
January 6th, 2018  
Cool view! Best of luck!
January 7th, 2018  
beautiful fv Christine - ps - I have a free e-book on photography for you on my new site -
March 25th, 2019  
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