We've begun counting the time until our friends will arrive in hours, not days, and the excitement is driving us crazy.

I finished cleaning up the rest of our room today. I cleaned and reorganized all the decorate boxes full of dolls and doll clothes on my pony cabinet, though I can't be sure if it was an improvement or not. I finally cleaned off this little pony house, home to spiders for months and months. They obviously moved on to a brighter castle long ago so it wasn't too bad to wipe them away. But I have decided that if I care so little about it that I'd happily give it up to spiders, I may as well take it down to the shelter and hope some child enjoys it.

The main feat was tackling the bookshelf, coated in dust and so full it may burst! I rearranged half the books so I could squeeze them all in. Most books are on their side, stacked high and difficult to access, but at least they're all together. As soon as we move I'm sure we'll pick up more shelves on Craigslist so our books can finally breathe and our tiny slice of library can expand.
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