I woke up bright and early with Chris to go donate plasma only to be rejected... as usual. Running on little sleep and lots of frustration set me up for a not so great day right off the bat.

Something about my eyes was bugging me all night but I couldn't figure it out. I just felt awful and useless no matter how hard I tried. Until suddenly it dawned on me that I used a different eyeshadow palette than normal. Poorly wiping away that color in the bathroom confirmed my suspicions: I was mildly allergic or sensitive to something in that particular palette or those specific colors.

But after getting that a little more in control I got back to things and had a pretty okay rest of the night, all things considered.
This is cool!
posted February 23rd, 2018  
Great image
I'm glad you sorted it....I don't wear make up except for eyeliner and I have had the same thing happen to me with reactions that make my eyes go funny...it's frustrating and uncomfortable
posted February 23rd, 2018  
Neat shot
posted February 23rd, 2018  
Cool picture.
posted February 24th, 2018  
Very cool shot with the sand pile framing the pedestrians so perfectly.
Well done!
Glad your eyes are better.
posted February 24th, 2018  
Nice composition- glad your eyes are better Carissa
posted February 24th, 2018  
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