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Christmas was wonderful!

The sunrise was beautiful and I was up early enough to see it, even though I didn't get the greatest photos. Once everyone else woke up we sat around the fire opening stockings and presents. Everyone got some cool stuff we loved. Even the kittens enjoyed all the wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons, and bows.

After presents were done we took our new bubble guns outside to play. Kaiser, the German shepherd, was completely mesmerized. He ran and jumped around the backyard, biting and pouncing and stepping on bubbles. It was hilarious.

The resident hummingbird, Darth, made his appearance while we were outside. He flitted around the trees and feeders, chasing off any foolish bird that dared enter his domain. We all wandered around snapping photos, trying to get good shots.

We all got some good ones but I think I won. I got this amazing shot with his wings open, one of him flying, and another of him as he landed at a feeder with his wings still out! Unfortunately the lighting wasn't great to show off his pretty green and copper colors.

The rest of the day was nice and calm. We just relaxed and hung out for the most part, watching movies and petting kittens and snuggling puppies.
Darth is beautiful!!!
December 26th, 2016  
Happy Christmas
December 26th, 2016  
Good catch - glad your day went well!
December 26th, 2016  
Sounds like a perfect day. A lovely timed photeof the bird.
December 26th, 2016  
I think it is very difficult to get a photo of a humming bird - always so far away and they flit so quickly! Sounds like a fun day!
December 26th, 2016  
This is a beautiful shot.....sounds like lots of fun for everyone on Christmas Day with the animals joining in....So happy for you...
December 27th, 2016  
Pretty :)
December 27th, 2016  
A lovely capture :)
December 27th, 2016  
Nice shot
December 27th, 2016  
Wings UP...wow...
December 28th, 2016  
A wonderful capture - and sounds like a perfect day for you! Congrats on making the Pop Page!
December 29th, 2016  
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