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Erica and I had another one of our "housewife" days.

We headed off early to pay some bills but got redirected downtown instead of the office we thought was the right one to go to. On the way we stopped at Jack in the Box for tacos and discovered a mysterious location on Google Maps called "Ghost Walk" just a block or two away.

Once I got the bill taken care of we started to realize where this "Ghost Walk" was: the little grassy area that was currently full of Christmas trees. We were intrigued and made our way over immediately. What was so ghostly about it? We didn't see any signs or plaques!

A bit more Google sleuthing and an official website figured it out. From June to October there's apparently this Ghost Walk tour. They take you all around downtown, talk about the history of the city, tell you about the ghosts that supposedly haunt the area, and show some pictures. Its exactly the kind of thing we'd all enjoy! Erica decided that was what we'd do for her birthday.

While driving back towards Winco, Erica had the idea to stop at her church's thrift store. I'd never been and she thought I'd love to check it out. She was right! It was absolutely beautiful, more like a boutique than a thrift store. We must've spent at least an hour combing the shelves, looking at books and trinkets and coats and scarves and jewelry and sunglasses and ancient electronics.

Eventually we eat settled on a handful of books, plus a Coca Cola glass for Jayson, and headed over to the little cafe with our purchases. We ordered tea and Italian soda before losing ourselves in our books. Erica started The Vampire Chronicles, which I'm already in the middle of, and I started reading through a housewife's guide from the 1960s. How could I possibly resist something like that?!

We realized that we read a bit longer than we'd planned on when suddenly we heard someone announce that the store was going to close in five minutes. By the time we got outside it was hailing rather mildly, the kind of hail that looks and feels like snow until you inspect it.

Since we'd gotten so caught up in our detours we almost forgot to even make it to Winco, but we did get there in the end! And I only forgot two very essential things...
I would love to read that book! Sounds like an eventful day:)
January 11th, 2018  
Great to read you both got 'lost in a book' and forgot about time. Any hints you can share for the modern 2018 housewife :-)
January 11th, 2018  
Cool picture.
January 12th, 2018  
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