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A friend picked me up at 2pm and we didn't say goodbye until 7am.

We started our day at the mall, hunting for white leggings to start off a costume. The world around us was a blur of clothes and crowds and people, so much stuff and yet not a single thing we were hunting for. It took hours, looping the mall multiple times, checking every store, and getting all the way to Ross to find our white whale. And once we did we realized that we'd gotten so caught up hanging out, laughing and talking and singing, that we'd forgotten to actually check the stores for so many other things.

So we continued on in our quest to the next couple stores on our list, desperately searching for everything else. We took a long break for Mexican food and tales of travel, of haunted mazes and New York and Canada, before we continued on. We went to a shoe store, after striking out at every thrift, to at least see if we could figure out his size in women's heels. (It was much harder than it sounds!) A sweet sales associate helped us out and we walked out with a good-enough pair.

We sat on the floor in Michael's and debated the right color and brand of fabric paint, trying to figure out exactly how much we'd need for everything we needed to paint. Then we headed over to Cold Stone for ice cream, where he made his case for why I should most definitely try playing one of his favorite video games.

At long last, because everything closed, we decided we were done. So we headed back to my place to hang out with Jayson and give the makeup a first shot. By the end of it his arm was covered in "bruises" - attempts to mix color gone wrong - but we had our look down pat. Cashmere Bunny, Extraction, Cavity, Candy Floss, Opal. And after what sure seemed like half an hour of laughing at nothing, we at least got the lipstick on okay enough to just see how it looked.

Then we wiped off all the makeup and sat down in the living room to talk and laugh for hours more. The time changed, Jayson made dinner for everyone, and suddenly I looked at the clock to see it was 7! We said our goodbyes and parted ways, the talking stopping for the first time in our 16 hour day.

I fell asleep so fast I didn't even notice the sun.
What a wonderful day! Friends are precious
March 11th, 2019  
What a wonderful day you had! Good friends are good for the soul.
March 14th, 2019  
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