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Slowly making my way back to 365. This year has brought on so many big changes, changes I never expected. I still don't have my own computer but I have more reliable access to one now. I'll likely be catching up for some time!

For any of my old friends that have missed it, the explanation for everything is here:

It just seems easier to get it out there than have to explain over and over :)


My name is Carissa and I live in boring Idaho USA. I fell in love with photography in late 2007 and its been a part of me ever since. I'm an artist at heart and enjoy sculpting, photography, writing, and drawing. My photography subjects are often dolls, toys, or plants from my own collections but I also enjoy nature and animals. All of my photos are taken with a simple outdated point and shoot, a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS I got for Christmas in 2011. I'm hoping to upgrade to a new point and shoot in 2020 but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Six months and one divorce later, things are finally settling down and I'm getting back to 365. I mostly kept up with my daily photos while I was away, though I'm sure I still missed quite a few. I'll be slowly catching up and hopefully getting back to my daily posting schedule of a single picture as soon as I can. I just need some time to find my rhythm with 365 again now that so much is different. I have a new boyfriend, new friends, new hobbies, new interests, and have found my way back to so many things and people I used to love. Finding myself has been a long process and its not over yet.

My project is equal parts photography, journal, and blog. 365 has rekindled my love of writing and that comes out in a lot of ways! Sometimes I'll talk about my day while other times I'll introduce you to a new doll, toy, plant, or other interesting thing. I might even talk about things from my past or write a story one day. Other times I just don't feel like it and settle for a boring sentence. Its generally a bit random what happens after I start typing, haha!


I tend to be very shy about commenting but I seem to fav up a storm every time I log in. When I do comment its usually about my biggest weakness: colors. Normally I don't thank people for following, but know that I do appreciate it! I love when people are interested in my work, but I'm still shy :P

As a note, all of my favs are most definitely genuine! I might fav because a photo has enchanting focus or lighting or color. Sometimes I fav because of a cute animal or cute kid (or cool bug). Often I fav because of a beautiful subject or location. Other times I fav because of a touching, interesting, or otherwise nice story. Sometimes I don't even know why I fav! I just liked the photo. When other people might leave a comment like "great shot", I fav instead.

I do my best to thank everyone who comments but sometimes my wrists are acting up at the time and I end up forgetting to do it later. Know that I do read and appreciate every single comment, probably multiple times :)


Photos that made the Popular page can be seen here:

Since I find it interesting to keep track of, here's my Trending-only photos:

As I'm forgetful, you can find my theme or challenge winning photos here:

And last but certainly not least, my curated photos: