fifty three | twenty seventeen by colorfade

fifty three | twenty seventeen

A corner in one of our windows. It's a mess but it's 3 stories high and such an effort to clean. Thank goodness it's all outside.

My weeks worth of backposts are done. Id like to hope I wont get that far behind again, but truthfully, I probably will. It seems every time I find a moment to sit with a coffee to post, something pops up needing my attention. Now to find time to visit all your lovely projects.
This is beautiful. I love the colours and the delicacy
February 22nd, 2017  
I wish the dirt and cobwebs in my house looked this beautiful! Amazing detail in the insect wing? maple seed wing? So glad you've been keeping company with your camera. How you manage any time at all for this project what with your having little kids amazes me.
February 23rd, 2017  
Can't hang a child off the roof in harness, with cleaning brush? :)

Well spotted -- a funky cobweb.
February 23rd, 2017  
@scotthouston now this is a brilliant idea! the 8 month old would be prefferable to the5 year old as he is lighter.... but his Co ordination leaves a little to be desired so he'd probably do a terrible job. Decisions decisions.
February 23rd, 2017  
@lyndemc a dragon fly I suspect.the whole scene is anything but beautiful I assure you. That's why I love macros. They can make even the ugliest of subjects look lovely.
The photo taking itself is easy on a daily basis. It's the uploading, sorting, choosing, editing, posting, comment thing I'm getting stuck on!!
February 23rd, 2017  
What a great shot! You've made art out of something I see all the time but would never think of posting on here! ... great details ...fav
February 23rd, 2017  
I, too, found myself photographing the cobwebs in my windows last month...until I saw who was building them! Nope! I never have asked Ken if he's as squeamish about spiders as I am. He'd never admit to it, which is why husbands are called in to take care of such things! Reading your caption, I see you're busy as ever, and certainly understandably!
February 23rd, 2017  
Beautiful colours :) That's inspired me to go looking for spiderwebby corners that might need photographing...
February 26th, 2017  
Just dropping by to see what might be new. No stress now...
March 2nd, 2017  
... and then manage to click the 'unfollow' button while moving the mouse around. I think NOT. RE-following. :)
March 3rd, 2017  
Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ?
March 9th, 2017  
Only you can make cobwebs look good!
April 17th, 2017  
Every once in awhile I stop by to see if perhaps, just maybe...

Hoping everything is wonderful with you and your family these days.
July 22nd, 2017  
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