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I have loved taking pictures since I was a child, but became more interested in it when my son began to compete with his dog in agility. At that time I wanted to learn to take clear photos without a flash indoors. It has been a wonderful learning experience, but he has since grown up and moved away. Now I take photos mainly of the farm, my dogs and nature. I realize there is still so much more to learn, so here I am....let the learning begin, or continue. I welcome any feedback that will help me to improve, so don't be shy.

I have decided it is time to update my profile, so here it goes. I have been a bit distracted by the hectic life I lead, so I chose to take a short break from my project (not photography). I decided to return to and continue with my project. I have learned so much since I first began this journey and it is my greatest hope to continue learning from those that travel this road with me. Thank you all for your inspiration and constructive criticism.