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HI. I'm Laur. I'm popping in after being gone for quite a while. I think I will just be popping in and out in for some time. It works better for me at this point. I trust you'll understand. Using talk to text can make for weird punctuation and words. Sorry. The people here are so friendly and amazing. I absolutely love it. It is a big, happy part of my life. Living in Portland, Oregon. Imperfect follower of Jesus, avid cat lover. Known to offer homeless people water for their dogs at stoplights and more. I have not been on steadily in quite a while.

Creating all kinds of art....huge variety of jewelry, funky light switches, wreaths, scarves, etc. Collector of funny and/or unusual stories and sprinkling them into conversation (only with those who like 'em.) For Instance, many years ago in Portland, Oregon there was a newspaper article about some guys who got in a fight re a traffic situation and one of them was weildng a burrito.