Farewell Amigos by daffodill

Farewell Amigos

What celebrations and good humour went before I will never know.
All I see is the aftermath of destruction, without justification.
What did you hope to achieve in your act of wanton aggression?
Who will be hurt by the repercussions?
Will you remember your actions?
Will you care?

Was it worth it?
That euphoric feeling of invincibility?
Which lasted until you changed from being articulate and humorous,
to a state of incomprehensible belligerence,
picking a fight with any passing wall that crossed your path,
or tree that attacked you with it's branches.
Yet you did not notice the transformation.

Farewell Amigos
..until next Friday night.

Any resemblance to persons living is purely coincidental
Good comment. I've often wondered all those things.
November 19th, 2011  
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