Mountains on the Move by daffodill

Mountains on the Move

Yesterday was a trip down Memory Lane,
well quite a lot of lanes, actually
and none of them were identified as such on the Sat Nav!
Having a spare day Mystery Monk went back to Borth in Mid Wales.
On climbing up the steps of the sea wall,
he was amazed to see 5 JCB's in a row pointing out into the sea.,
A large section of the beach was cordoned off,
and mini mountains of stone, mimicked the landscape.
The JCB's were constructing a rouadway out into the sea
for the construction of breakwaters as part of a programme
to upgrade the sea defences.
When all that is complete, the old, beautifully photogenic groynes will go.
Mystery Monk vowed to return later,
so that he could see the changes and understand the effect they would have on the landscape.
He had studied the plans, but knew that would have to see the changes first hand to understand the effect that they would have.
Mystery Monk felt sad at the changes, but excited about what was to come.
"Nothing can stay the same forever, Young Monk, " said the Abbot, gently "but we cannot imagine what the future will be like.
Sometimes we just have to trust."
Beautiful composiiton! :0)
July 27th, 2011  
lovely !!
July 27th, 2011  
July 27th, 2011  
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