Vantage Point by daffodill

Vantage Point

Mystery Monk found a nice secluded spot to watch the world and waves go by....
He was particularly struck by the smoothness of the wooden groynes.
All sharp corners had been eroded, worn and battered by the pounding of the waves and the debris they contained.
Stones were wedged in nooks and crannies
Nails gradually corroded
and the wood which they held in place,
would one day break free.
Mystery Monk pondered....
"Lord, You are like the sea.
All powerful.
But you change us, gently.
By the power of the Holy Spirit.
smoothing off the jagged corners,
forgiving us,
guiding us,
moulding us.
To be people you can use.
When we forget,
and our words and actions are sharp and prickly,
you call us and remind us.
Like a retreating tide
you draw us close to you,
though we may fight against this.
Like an advancing tide,
you wash over us,
smoothing sharpness,
restoring us,
renewing us,
refreshing us.
Thank you, Lord."

oooh :-)
August 14th, 2011  
This is beautiful! I love the colors and textures! Beautiful words as always too! :0)
August 15th, 2011  
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