True by daffodill


Mystery Monk was taking part in a photo shoot
and the background he had been given was pink.
Now pink was not his favourite colour, so he felt a tad put out about that.
"I would have preferred a deep blue, or gold" he protested petulantly
"...and look someone has messed up the backing by not removing that stray section of vegetation!"
He went to remove it, but the director cried out
It's an illustration.
I want to make people think!
I want to engage their minds,
prompt them to wonder why it is there.
Is it random or has it got purpose!"
On reflection Mystery Monk thought that the green did contrast really well with the pink
" New life" he pondered "genuine and counterfeit"
"Consider the lilies - hmm not really lilly foliage though..."
"Try John 15:1" advised the Abbot, as he munched on some grapes...

Love the pink patchwork.
June 30th, 2012  
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