August 21: Future Moth by daisymiller

August 21: Future Moth

This has been the week for caterpillars. Cutworm moth caterpillars attacked the onions and killed many of the onion plants. Swallowtail butterfly caterpillars are eating the parsley and fennel plants. That is okay, because I plant for these caterpillars. This week, I discovered horn worms on the tomato plants. This horn worm is eating a green tomato. Usually, I take these destructive caterpillars off and give them to my neighbor, who loves all kinds of creatures. This year, I kept two of the horn worms and gave her one. The horn worms are on two tomato plants that are not producing well. The horn worms are forming pupae quickly, so they are not doing much damage to the tomato plants. Even though the horn worms are destructive, their pupa hatch out into beautiful sphinx moths the next year. These moths are also called hawk moths and hummingbird moths. I like these creatures a lot better in their moth form.
Great shot with such nice detail.
August 23rd, 2020  
impressive capture! interesting information too
August 23rd, 2020  
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