New RNLI, Ramp and silted up harbour Burry Port.  by dannydavies

New RNLI, Ramp and silted up harbour Burry Port.

Made a visit to Burry Port Habour today, to my disappointment could see the harbour has a large build-up of estuary silt. According to the old folk who worked in the harbour, silt was not a problem. during the times when industries and commerce were going full strength. there is an inner harbour which they would flush out the silt regular, so the commercial boats had access 10 hours or more either side of high tide, now as little as 2 hours either side. the gate's between the inner and outer harbours have been taken away, so no water is stored behind the gates to flush out the silt from the outer harbour when the tide is out. I am told there was a steam boat there, able to use the harbour 24 / 7. I could not swear to it it's hearsay.
What I am getting to is this. How much is this going to cost, who is going to pay for it, and how often will it be dredged as the dredging takes only 50 tides to complete.

Cardiff Marine Services
The area was dredged with an average of 1m depth of silt cleared, approximately 9000 cubic meters of silt was successfully removed by the water injection dredger.
“Following the initial trial, we were employed to dredge for a further 50 tides and successfully reduced the silt level by 1m throughout the marina,” Cardiff Marine Services said in its announcement.
It will dredge the harbour to 1 meter depth all over. using high flow low pressure water to loosen the sand and silt while the tide is going out.
Read more about it in. "Burry Port Dredging Wrapped up" also in. "Trial dredging project begins at Burry Port Harbour".
My suggestion is to refit the gates between the harbours and to make and fit new sluice gates to the cill which holds the water in the harbour.. My way will make a huge savings, so I hope people will listen.
Interesting scene with lots to look at.
February 7th, 2019  
Terrific shot and I like your composition.
February 7th, 2019  
@bella_ss Thank you Sheralee. :)
February 7th, 2019  
@mittens Thank you Marilyn. :)
February 7th, 2019  
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