pretty lilac (on the other side) by darrencruzzz

pretty lilac (on the other side)

it’s interesting how the same flowers were already dying on the other side of the road. Just goes to show who’s taking care of their plants and who’s not!

I let that lighting flare stay in the shot on purpose. I feel it somehow makes the picture seem brighter than it really is.
are you wondering why this picture is not showing in your feed on the right? it's because it's taken in 2019. if you want to make this into your latest photo, you can change the date when you post it or you can edit it. just click on the square thing with pencil and it will bring you to "Edit Details". scroll down and change the numbers on the "Date" which is below the Tags, then click on the green Save button at the bottom. button at the bottom. button at the bottom. that's a nice ring to it, eh? this way, it will also show in the daily posts and others will be able to see your posting as current. you have any questions, ask me, please. ♥
September 7th, 2020  
by the way, i love the sunflare. very nice shot, kid.
September 7th, 2020  
@summerfield Thanks again, Lola. Also I chose not to change the date on the older photos as I’d like to have this month’s posts all new. I just wanted to post my favourite photos from before haha. Although, I appreciate all your help! I’ll be sure to ask if I have more questions later on.
September 7th, 2020  
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