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For some reason, everything seems so slow. School especially, I don’t remember classes being so long before. It’s like a repeating process everyday now, Covid has to end soon, otherwise, I think we’ll all eventually go crazy 😂

I haven’t gotten to keep up with my posts lately, I’ve had to be keen on studying, but I will try harder to stay active constantly.

This is an old photo from last year, the lighting isn’t managed the best, but I love the capture and pose I got Casper to do.
hachooooooooo! well, looking at this is enough to make my eyes water and my nose to get clogged. and that's just the photograph.

i do love the blown up light, it is supposed to be an art in itself. always nice to use outside lighting and felines are known to love basking in the sunshine. well done, kid. and if you didn't get my birthday greetings yesterday, happy birthday. as usual the birthday gift will come with the Christmas gift. ♥♥♥

i just noticed: be careful when you're composing your shots. always make sure you do not cut off any limbs or in this case, the ears. put a tag "theme-animals" as that is the 365 theme for this month.
September 18th, 2020  
@summerfield ah, thank you ❤️ I miss you lots! Also thanks for pointing out this months theme as I was not aware. Looking forward to visiting next year, hopefully when the restrictions are lifted and the conditions are safer.
September 18th, 2020  
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