Enter: Fall by darrencruzzz

Enter: Fall

I finally took the risk of bringing my camera to school, and, it surprisingly went pretty well. I didn’t want to cause attention so I only took photos until after we were dismissed for the end of the day. The campus park had been very pretty this week, especially since all the leaves are starting to change colour and fall.

I do love the various amounts of pathways and shortcuts through the bushes and whatnot, it’s like entering through a special gate
be careful, there might be bears and coyotes and bad guys lurking in there. you should perhaps go with a couple of your friends. i wonder why your photos don't appear in my home feed.

very good composition. the colours are lovely. aces!
October 13th, 2020  
@summerfield haha! luckily, the school campus only has small, cute bunnies roaming around :) -- I don't get the chance to post everyday, and I usually leave the dates on the photos the same as when they were taken, when I'm uploading. Maybe that's why they don't always show up?
October 14th, 2020  
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