Somewhere over the rainbow…. by darsphotos

Somewhere over the rainbow….

Yesterday’s very stormy weather brought this beautiful rainbow.

I was out getting my first shingles vaccine. I get my second one of two in two months.

My cousin got so very sick and in very severe pain for a month from her shingles. She was on oral morphine for that time and is down to two sores now and pain meds. I never knew it could be like this and wanted to share with all of you.

I’ve got a sore arm and headache from the vaccine but covered at 90% against this horrid disease now. Small price for me to pay for protection. My cousin tried to get her vaccine but none was available in her state of Texas when she tried to get hers sadly.
FAV this is a fabulous photo! Timing perfect to catch the car in the middle of the rainbow like that!

Shingles can affect different people in different ways and it sounds like your cousin had a very severe case of it. I hope you are not bothered with it after the vaccine
November 9th, 2022  
November 9th, 2022  
Beautifully captured.Fav😊
November 10th, 2022  
Amazing, Darlene!

Hoe you are doing well!
January 15th, 2023  
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