Last walk with my mom

My last appointments at Mayo gave the prognosis.

3 back issues
1)L4-L5 Facet inflammation and asymmetry (causing pain in back)
2) SI Joints are both inflamed (causing my radicular pain in other areas)
3) S1 L5 Annular Tear (a disk tear that was probably the cause of my back incident last year--was on MRI then, but not noticed until now--sigh--how far it may have degenerated is not clear and we don't want to investigate until we address the first two issues for pain)

I will start with a bilateral injection (steroid) to Facets, then an injection to SI Joints if first does not work. If those relieve the pain, we can hopefully rule out the tear in disc being continual source of chronic pain (can lead to a ruptured disc). If not, I have to look at another procedure called a discography. Once you go to a discography, you're looking at surgery for disc fusion--just say no!

I have new PT exercises, but that looks very doable given my current swimming and ongoing home PT I do daily.

Thanks for all the love. I took my camera, but used my phone for everything. It's just too heavy these days.
Oh. I love this shot of you You look so carefree
posted September 14th, 2018  
Glad you had some fun moments.
posted September 15th, 2018  
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