Happy 50th Mike! by darylo

Happy 50th Mike!

I am trying to process photos from this past week. A bit exhausted from a huge Thanksgiving meal, followed by hosting my husband's 50th birthday party (all new menu). He wanted my famous Gorgonzola pasta (actually adapted from my famous Aunt Isabelle's recipe) and homemade lasagna. I bought a cheesecake and eclairs for his dessert, and I also bought a big chocolate cake. We did have a salad to counter-balance the "heart attack on a plate" -- that's what we call the Gorgonzola pasta--cream, butter, cheese, rosemary.

Here he is blowing out the huge fire on the tiny cheesecake. :)

I'll try to post T-day food shots. Let's just say my kitchen is the most amazing thing in my life right now. I'm exhausted from so much cooking, but it was really nice to have the space, the tools, and the glamour of a professional kitchen. Glad it's all leftovers for the next few days. :)
It all sounds yummy! Happy birthday and Happy new kitchen!
November 26th, 2016  
Great image! Happy birthday to your man! And happy leftover scoffing!
November 26th, 2016  
Homemade lasagne - the pasta is homemade? The cheese and cream one sounds great - got to enjoy this sort of thing - doesn't happen every day!
November 26th, 2016  
Hopefully no heart attack!
November 27th, 2016  
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