20210307_223304 by dawrenda


Toilet paper and white mask on white

I used my daughter's white board left over from a school project. I had the overhead light and a 2nd light hung above the 2 pieces and used a flash. I would have liked more light.

52 Week Challenge 2021 ~ Week 10

White on white
Shooting white on white is challenging. Concentrate on precise lighting in order to separate your subject from your background.

Tags: 52wc-2021-w10 (for 365), #Capture52, #Capture52Week10

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How to make something simple look interesting. Great photo
March 8th, 2021  
You couldn't get hold of these 12 months ago!
March 8th, 2021  
Great comp!
March 8th, 2021  
March 8th, 2021  
@clivee yes, but I thought it would be funny for white on white. I couldn't really find much white in the house LoL!!
March 8th, 2021  
Nicely dkne
March 8th, 2021  
A nice comment on our world today!
March 8th, 2021  
I'm glad we can now spare a toilet roll to use as a prop, great composition.
March 8th, 2021  
Very nice!
March 8th, 2021  
March 8th, 2021  
A good photo for the white on white challenge.
March 8th, 2021  
this is great. if you're trying it again, may i suggest you move the subjects farther from the background. direct your light on the background but still reflecting on your subject. might be better if you are able to use a longer exposure (about 1/5) but do not use flash. or re-do this during daytime, by the window, and ideally the sun is bright and your light on the background coming from the opposite direction.
March 10th, 2021  
@summerfield thank you so very much!! I wasn't thinking of redoing, but with your tips I might give it a try. That is what I noticed also. THe board Seemed to add a shadow effect.I tried to get further away, but got aggravated.
March 11th, 2021  
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