Nobody Home ... by ddw

Nobody Home ...

Oh dear. I've been watching Mrs. Robin and her new home since I first discovered her exactly one week ago. Every time I've passed by and peeked, she's been patiently sitting in her nest incubating her clutch of eggs -- or so I thought.

Today, walking back from collecting the mail, I noticed she wasn't there. On closer inspection, I discovered the nest was completely empty -- not an egg to be seen. I don't know if this was a hysterical pregnancy, or if something untoward happened in the night. There doesn't seem to be any sign of a disturbance. I was so looking forward to seeing baby robins!
How disappointing.
May 14th, 2015  
@thimblelady I was so looking forward to watching the baby robins grow up!!!
May 15th, 2015  
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