Week Four ... by ddw

Week Four ...

And so we enter week four of the protest against the Marriott hotel chain by the members of Boston's Union Local 26. Endless banging on ubiquitous orange buckets, blowing of vuvuzelas and whistles, chanting, chanting, chanting (so much so that I hear them in my sleep), and noise levels off the charts. And what have they achieved so far? As far as we can tell .... nothing other than the rising anger of everyone unfortunate enough to live anywhere within earshot. (None of whom have any say in their contract negotiations.). The decibel levels are far above what the Boston noise statutes allow, yet our fine mayor (a staunch union man) turns a blind eye, and allows the disruption to continue unabated. There is a "town meeting" tonight -- for anyone affected by the racket. Should be interesting to see what unfolds.

UPDATE: Mr. W just came back from walking Mabel to report that an ambulance was outside the hotel. Apparently a lady (not sure if she is a resident or a hotel guest) had a bad asthma attack. As she was being stretchered out to the ambulance, the protesters were right in her face, banging their wretched orange drums and blowing vuvuzelas at her. Disgusting. Apparently our security team got footage of the whole disgraceful episode, and they are sending it to the news channels.
I cannot believe the strike is still going on!?! And it's bad enough to need an ambulance let alone be harassed by those striking!
November 6th, 2018  
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