Keeping With The Grim Theme ... by ddw

Keeping With The Grim Theme ...

Emptying out a deep, dark closet that we haven't opened or looked in for 20 years, Mr. W discovered this ghastly vignette. It's an oversized glass vase (about 2 1/2 feet tall) into which a hapless mouse fell ... and couldn't get out. Somehow I didn't think there would be any takers for this "treasure" -- I pitched it in the dumpster!

To add to the "fun", we got a call this morning from our friends in Boston who are watering the plants on our terrace while we're gone to let us know that the people who live above our guest apartment had a leak which came through our master bedroom ceiling, and soaked the (brand new, very expensive) bed linen, the (brand new, very expensive) mattress, and an antique chest of drawers ... and the ceiling will have to be repainted. Sigh.
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