One Down ... by ddw

One Down ...

A lot of hard work has been done over the past couple of days at the farm in Connecticut. We have a crew of guys there cleaning out the barns in preparation for the house sale coming up on July 1. You can well imagine that after 21 years, the barns and house have been well filled, and now of course everything has to be completely empty. The old tobacco barn in the top picture is some 90 feet long, and the top floor was full of the usual accumulation of farm/equine equipment along with a healthy assortment of junk. As you can see, it is now probably emptier than it's ever been since it was first built! One more big barn, one small barn, and the house to go ...

PS: Credit for the empty barn pictures goes to Tim Clark, who is the junk clearing maestro!
Wow...can you send him over to our garage?!? :)
June 13th, 2020  
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