Fashion Shoot by ddw

Fashion Shoot

Another installment from the “Nosing Into Neighbours’ Terraces” files. This place has been featured in my blips before. It has looked pretty much like this for the last couple of years — amazing considering their neighbour's place is currently on the market for over $4 million!

Who would think this was the ideal location for a “luxury fashion” photo shoot? Nothing says "opulence" quite like dead plants, cinder blocks, uncoiled garden hoses, half-used bags of potting soil, used paint cans, and mouldy bean bag chairs. I am surmising the photographer is focusing on the model’s red shoes, as I fail to see how a baggy, oversized T-shirt accessorised with a red blazer qualifies as “luxury designer fashion”, but then again I’m not known for my sartorial style. After some quick detective work using trusty Google, I found that the designer’s name is Patty Trevor (gleaned from the name on the back of the model’s shirt), “a Nigerian fashion Designer/stylist from Boston Massachusetts”. That’s him at the lower left hand corner of my photo, talking to the woman in the black suit. Somehow I doubt we’ll be seeing him hanging out with Anna Wintour any time soon!
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