Yet Another Rant by ddw

Yet Another Rant

This is a photograph of my calendar, along with a growing collection of angry notes written regarding wayward orders, and the inept parade of individuals in various "customer service" departments I have had the dubious honour of speaking to.

Tomorrow we were supposed to receive an order from the infamous P------ B--- to the Westport Island house. One that, I might add, has already been cancelled TWICE before we received a third notification this afternoon that the delivery is once again NOT going to happen. Yesterday, we were informed by another company that one of the bathroom sink vanities we'd ordered had been canceled -- no reason given. I am still awaiting two thirds of an entry hall hutch that I ordered two months ago from a third company who just can't seem to get themselves together enough to load the damned truck with the right pieces!

In despair I called P------ B--- this afternoon, and cancelled my order for three beds (none of which I came to the realization I was likely to see in my lifetime.) I had to speak to three different people -- all of whom were very loathe to agree to refund my money and cancel the order -- before I finally succeeded (I think) in my quest. How on earth is this country still hanging on with this never-ending level of hopeless, bumbling incompetence?
Oh, Dana, my heart goes out to you from a very unlucky Dogcorner plagued with cellar woes. We have had a turn in our luck I think. I did get my second Covid Vaccine appointment this morning and the crawlspace dust making company has been quite accommodating.

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March 4th, 2021  
It is so frustrating! Why does everything need to be done 2-3 times before it is correct?!?
March 19th, 2021  
I truly wouldn't like to be in your shoes with such orders.
But, boy, do you have a lovely calendar! I love the look of that book.
March 26th, 2021  
@monikozi Thank you, moni kozi. The calendar book is one I order every year -- it's beautiful and has lots of space to write stuff down for each day. You can find it on -- it's called the French Country Diary.
March 27th, 2021  
Wow! Thanks for the tip. I'll have a look.
March 27th, 2021  
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