Disgusting by ddw


This image shows the gross detritus left on our terrace last night by one of our not very nice neighbours on a floor somewhere above us: 15 cigarette butts and two wads of chewed gum. Really nasty to have to clean up at any time, but especially horrid in the middle of a pandemic, when who knows who had those things in their possibly germ-infested mouths.

This morning I posted the following on our building's electronic bulletin board under the "Lost and Found" section:

FOUND: 15 cigarette butts and 2 wads of chewed gum.

To the person/persons who persist in “decorating” our terrace with cigarette butts, the remains of joints, chewing gum, broken glass, and beer cans: Please stop! We wonder how you would appreciate it if we reciprocated, and dumped our unwanted trash on your living room rug?
April 12th, 2021  
Icky trash. Can your building do anything about it?
April 14th, 2021  
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