Sidelined by ddw


Poor Mr. W. Several weeks ago, as he was diligently keeping up with his lockdown exercise routine, he was sprinting up several flights of the fire stairs in our building. A few hours later, he became aware that his ankle hurt. Naturally, (being a man!) he decided it would get better by itself, and ignored it. Naturally, it didn't get better by itself, and after some prolonged nagging by his wife, he reluctantly agreed to see a doctor. He had an MRI on Wednesday, and a follow up visit yesterday where he was informed he had quite a large tear in his Achilles tendon.

So now the poor man gets to clump around in this fetching footwear for the next 8 to 12 weeks!
Wow. That must be awful. Good thing it was not completely torn, though...
April 17th, 2021  
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