Pretty Much A Waste Of A Day ... by ddw

Pretty Much A Waste Of A Day ...

Our weekly trek to Maine. This time to deliver more stuff, but also to see how the electrician had handled the work we needed done at Portside -- he was there last week when we stopped by, so we expected all the work to be finished by today. Not so.

There is quite a lengthy list of things for him to tackle -- hardwiring bedside lights, installing new outside lights, replacing existing fixtures inside with more attractive ones, installing new bathroom vanity lights (although the wiring is already in place for those), switching out ugly old ceiling fans for more attractive new ones, installing a hardwired smoke alarm, move a thermostat to a new location, etc. etc.

When we showed up today, all he had managed to accomplish was to replace three kitchen fixtures with more modern ones, and to wire up one of the (six) OUTDOOR lights in the kitchen instead, where the smoke alarm was meant to go!!!! Dear God in Heaven ... this is a travesty. Needless to say, I am NOT happy.

About the only success of the day was getting our official dump sticker affixed to the windshield of our new truck. Now we can cart all the cardboard packing material from all those loads we've been schlepping up to Maine to the recycling center! Whoo hoo.

Coming back to Boston early this evening, we were greeted by riot barricades being installed on our street ... apparently there is some concern over the possibility of civil unrest due to the verdict issued today in the George Floyd murder trial -- although as the verdict was guilty on all three counts, I can't imagine there will be trouble in the streets.

All in all a troublesome, vexing day.
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