"Pinkie" by ddw


The drama never ends around here! To cap off yesterday's debacle, we came back to Boston to find (yet another) bunch of boxes waiting for us to unpack. As Mr. W was wielding his X-Acto knife, slicing into said packages, he slipped and succeeded in gashing the tip of his little finger open. Blood spattering everywhere! Nurse DDW sprang into action with the antibiotic cream and Band-Aids and soon managed to stem the flow. After I'd applied a second bandage to the tip of his finger, and pinched the sides together, we both started laughing, because it looked like a little creature with funny ears.

Mr. W instantly christened his new "friend" Pinkie, and this morning when I came into the kitchen, I discovered he'd given Pinkie two little beady eyes and a cheerful grin!
The buying never ends! I cannot wait to see your three places when they are all finished! Pinkie is a star. :)
May 12th, 2021  
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