Breakfast a Deux by ddw

Breakfast a Deux

This picture was taken at 6:00 this morning. We got up very early so that we could get the necessary hours of last minute cleaning in before we left for Boston this afternoon. We have friends coming to spend the weekend at Sweet Haven -- they are going to give us their honest criticism so that we can know if we've overlooked something, or forgotten some essential amenity before we open the place up for online bookings.

Here is tousle-headed Mr. W, trying to enjoy his coffee and yogurt as Mabel looks pleadingly at him in an effort to convince him that it had been at least 10 minutes since she herself had had breakfast, and consequently she was starving to death, and really needed at least half of his meal.

Please note the ever-present huge black garbage bag in the background (we have filled so, so many of them these last several days!) and the critically essential vacuum cleaner -- my constant companion -- over Mr. W's right shoulder. I am very pleased to report that we no longer need either garbage bags or vacuum at Sweet Haven for the near future -- we are finished, done, and dusted!
Lucky friends to give you a run through! Will you be next door?
My Sophie is the same way...she thinks she is starving all the time!!! No matter if she has just scarfed down her dinner, begged for mine and pleaded with my husband for his too! I guess that is better than a picky eater. We supplement Sophie’s raw food meal with cooked vegetables, which she loves, salmon oil and bone broth. Healthy and spoiled, just like Katniss.
May 13th, 2021  
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