February 15 Words by debrac

February 15 Words

Word list for February
what a great list it is! but there is no tag for me lately :( I must have fallen out of the tag list for not doing the word challenge for some time...might try this one
January 31st, 2015  
@axika I am sorry. Thanks for letting me know. You are still on the list. I'm not sure why it isn't tagging you. I remember that Bulldog had some problems like this, too. I will add you separately (that's what he had to do).
January 31st, 2015  
Sweet ty :-)
January 31st, 2015  
@debrac oooh thank you so much! You've done a great job with the list again, thank you for being so kind to bother & add me additionally
January 31st, 2015  
Nice choice of words, Debra! I'll do my best ;)
January 31st, 2015  
Thank you Debra! :)
February 1st, 2015  
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