Peacock by deepak28


a male peafowl, which has very long tail feathers that have eye-like markings and can be erected and fanned out in display.

One fine morning I was walking on my way to college which made it not so fine. Was chatting with a friend on WhatsApp when I saw these beautiful peacocks on the rooftop of a shed which is really awkward for a guy from Delhi who is not able to see peacocks even in Zoos there. I went near them took 3 to 4 shots and sent it to my friend thinking hahaha she'll love it, to which her reply was yeah yeah they roam here and there every day. The conversation in my head shattered like a house of cards. I said cool got jealous of how she had so many opportunities of seeing that magnificent bird every day. Later on that day during the lunch break I was going through the gallery and saw these pics, though of editing it to my surprise they were looking quite good, vignette did most of the work but still was satisfied with the final image.
One more thing I learnt that day is, peacocks are called Mayil in Tamil which I asked someone for my Insta story caption. Just for the sake of a caption I've learnt a lot of new Tamil words. Insta makes me do things which I would never do otherwise.
One thing I've recently started is making puns with two different languages like
1) Many dogs lying on leaves are called Pattiyan(hindi+Malayalam)
2)iPhone users laugh a lot, Why?
Coz they have Siri in their phone(English + Tamil)
3)What do you call a guy with 3 wives?
Honeymoon(Engish + Tamil)
And so on these are still under process, I'm liking this place now it's always a problem to adjust somewhere where people don't speak your tongue but just one kind heart is enough to get through the day.
It's a lovely place to be. All I want is to wander with a camera and just shoot people some with a 50mm and some with a .50.
Love this pic
March 18th, 2019  
@cs87743 Thank you so much Mam, means a lot.
March 19th, 2019  
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