Lights by deepak28


What comes to your mind when it comes to writing a caption for a pic with lights or blubs in it. Well, the only thing that pops up in my mind is "Lights will guide you home..." Which is a part of the Song Fix you by Coldplay(In case you haven't heard it yet please do you are missing out something beautiful) . Have cursed myself many times for not appreciating that song in the way I should have. The tempo in that song touches heights greater than Burj Khalifa.
I love lights, who doesn't love it? Yeah obviously no one likes it in the morning when your mom Tries to wake up and her final weapon is turning the lights on and leaving the room.
It's beautiful how lights play in our pictures, David Hobby has explained it the best, Give me a camera a lens and a light I'll make a career out of it rather than having 22 lenses.
Talking about lights how can we not talk about how sad the fact is that Supplying electricity to villages is still in the manifesto of All political parties there are so many people distant from this luxury.
Let's wish our politicians will stick up to their promises and deliver them.
one more thing I would like to add here is let's light up someone's day, who knows who needs some vitamin which the sun is unable to process.

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Lovely evening shot
March 22nd, 2019  
Beautiful lights and color.
March 22nd, 2019  
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