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So the cricket season has begun in India, which means more than 3/4th of the nation will have something to watch after the long day at work or school, it is like India's Superbowl, or BPL, or La Liga, yeah IPL cannot be compared to such big and old leagues the comparison is just to show the magnitude of love this game receives in this country. People follow cricket in India like religion and certify the players as their God. IPL has a big Fanbase in all the cricket playing nation and especially in India as the name itself suggests "Indian" premier league(IPL), people place bets on players teams and also sometimes on each and every ball. People love cricket in the nation, The organizers know that the entertainment Industry knows that and the MNC's surely know that because of that the Committee at IPL decided that a team jersey should not have more than 10 brands on it, they are mobile hoarding boards for companies. Well cannot blame that, it's win-win for both the parties, but one very interesting and remarkable thing that happened regarding this advertisement thing was that a player named Hasim Amla(South African Cricketer) Applied a tape on the Royal Stag label(Whisky brand) Because he was against the idea of liquor consumption and promotion, he had to pay some fine for that but he had the respect of all the Sports lovers worldwide. It was and is known as A gentleman's game, well they aren't as gentle as the men used to be but still with time the game has evolved and with that the players too.
But the most irritating thing that happens during the IPL is the Whatsapp status, some lovers are so mad that they give a ball by ball update, I guess someone needs to tell them that everyone has an internet connection to watch the game and he need not give a ball by ball update.
With that the next 3 months the people are going to be divided but also united too in a way, A North Indian will Support CSK(South Indian Team) for his/her favourite player and vice versa, this game unites and divides us at the same time. And this is the second time Britishers have successfully done that.
Congrats British Empire You won!
Have fun enjoying your nation’s pastime. United in sport :^)
March 23rd, 2019  
@shutterbug49 Yes ma'am, You are from?
March 24th, 2019  
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