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I’m an amateur photographer using my iPad Pro 9.7” and iPhone SE to shoot photos for my “365 Ways of Dreaming” project.

Recently, I bought my first DSLR camera: Canon Rebel 7T / Canon EOS 2000D. Will learn how to shoot photos with it during my “365 Ways of Dreaming” project.

A) “365 Ways of Dreaming”: My 365 Days of Photographs—Ordinary days, events, and objects in my real/imagined life.

B) “Lost Purposes: Abandoned Clothing/Objects/Photographs”: A photographic collection of abandoned clothing and objects & homeless new photographs. ;-)

C) “Recherché”: A “sought out with care” collection of my past/present photographs.

My Profile Photo: From the 1800s and early 1900s, so many African Americans in photographs and African American photographers are nameless. As a photographer and as an African American woman, I want to honor those nameless people and their photographers by using copyright free photos of African Americans from those time periods as my ever-changing profile photo.

Click on the link to see of my photos made the PP: