Curiosity and constructive critiques desired :D

July 2nd, 2020
I have been a 365 member for quite a long time, and my photography is improving little by little. I have been using LR exclusively and am not much of a Photoshop user (I need to take some classes). I took this photo yesterday and edited it in my usual way. I am curious how you might have processed it. I am open to constructive critique and willing to have it rendered in all sorts of ways. Just curious in your creativity and how to up mine! Have fun with it if you are willing. And if you have suggestions for me that you think are useful, have at it!! :) Thank you all in advance!

*** is cropped

July 2nd, 2020
You've got a nice set up here, with the contrast between green and red, and a nice soft background. But at first glance, I feel like the bug is swimming in a sea of green, so I would probably crop in tighter. As for a quick edit, I would desaturate or darken some of that yellow damage just on the leaf, not the background) so it doesn't compete with the bright orange. Maybe darken the leaf just a tad, also and take out that tiny white dot that is distracting. (I don't use LR, so am not sure how it's done there. In Photoshop I create a duplicate layer, adjust in Adobe Camera Raw, the use a mask to limit the effect to the leaf only.)

July 2nd, 2020
@houser934 Thank you! It does look better without the yellow and cropped more. I was thinking that cropping it would help. And I didn't even see the white dot lol, but I do now!! Thank you very much for your help. It helps me to learn the things to look for! :)
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