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posted April 2nd, 2018
When I began 365 I downloaded an app which I am still using on my iPad. My husband has just joined but cannot find the app! Am I going mad? I can get through to 365 without logging in every time!
posted April 2nd, 2018
From previous threads about the 365 app, I remenber that there were problems with the app and the expense of developing an app that would work was prohibitive. However, improvement have been made to the program that allows good phone usage.Use the internet to access the 365 program on your phone and it will work fine.
posted April 2nd, 2018
I now go directly through Chrome on my phone as the app got soooooo slow.
posted April 3rd, 2018
My friend showed me how to go 365 project.org and then add it to my home screen on my iPhone. That is how I find it. :)
posted April 3rd, 2018
I am still using the App which works like a dream. I downloaded it in January 2017.
posted April 3rd, 2018
Ooh, is the app ios or android?
posted October 5th, 2018
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posted December 6th, 2018
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