10 reasons to be a 365er

January 11th, 2019
A rerun of something I wrote years ago with some edits (I usually post it 10 days before the end of the year). At the request of @taffy, here it is. Still true to this day. Congrats and WELCOME!

I realize that for many folks on this site, December 31 marked their 365th photo, and so I’m writing to say “Congratulations” and to provide a little encouragement to those who might be visiting the site thinking they, too, might want to become a 365er.

Before I start with 10 reasons, when I say “Congratulations” I really mean this: “What you have accomplished is HUGE. SAVOR IT. Regardless of how you arranged your album for this year, chose your subjects, acquired new techniques, made new friends (across the globe!), jumped hurdles to get a shot, battled ebbandflophojo to advance just one more day, and gained accolades or recognition in some way, GETTING TO THE 365th PHOTO IS HUGE! Wooooooooohhooooooooooo! Really, SAVOR IT.”

Now, for those who might be looking into this site or joined already because some avid 365er has told you that you have to do it, here are 10 reasons to join the 365Project Band Wagon:

1. You will have a pretty cool album that chronicles 365 days of your life (or what you see). You do not have to be a photographer, nor do you have to have a good camera. You could have a myriad of reasons to start a 365project, and all that this project asks is that you submit something for a year. Anything. I started 365 almost two years ago as a writing project thinking that visual cues would be the way I could chronicle a year-in-the-life of a Daryl. I just happened to fall in love with my DSLR camera and realized I could learn how to use it here.

2. You will be a member of the “Nicest Place on the Planet’s World Wide Web,” so “shhhhh, don’t tell anyone crabby to join you."  During 365 days, you’ll find yourself in some tough struggles or celebrating something wonderful or you’re just plodding along, but if you are down for just one minute or you find you are having trouble taking a shot, you will be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and want you to succeed in your year’s goals! And they’ll say “hip, hip, hooray” or “cracking shot” or “I’d be chuffed to get that one” or “This is Pants!” (and if you’re American like me, you’ll have to look up “cracking,” “chuffed,” and “Pants”). You might even start adopting a British accent with your friends and say the same stuff because it makes you feel like you are fluent in another language (I say that because some people still think they speak “American”). Haha! And by NICE, I don’t mean these folks can’t offer critique—or argue the merits of something controversial, but rarely will you see a discussion that’s mean-spirited. We seem to have a force field that keeps out internet “trolls.” That alone makes this place very special.

3. You will witness so many beautiful and engaging photographs that inspire you all year long. I remember when I first started, I kept clicking on tabs to see what other 365ers were taking each day. My jaw would drop at the skill and the variety of subjects! I didn’t even know how they took such spectacular shots! Then I started asking them “HOW????” and you know what? They told me!

4. You’ll get to travel the globe! Without buying one plane ticket, you’ll visit so many countries and cities/towns in your own country every 24 hours. You’ll explore culture, family traditions, religions, environments, wildlife, and food! You can dream about where you’d like to go someday, and even dream of meeting the friends you’ve made who live there! I’ve got a running list of places/people I’d love to see right now!

5. You get an opportunity to step out of your comfort zones, but you need not take any risks.
There are plenty of opportunities to enter into some themes/competitions/challenges, and if you are new to photography, they are excellent ways to meet others like you or to share some of your own talents. I remember taking the plunge to enter a challenge by my second month I think. I have some challenges I will not miss now, and others I still love checking in on because they show me what I “could” do if I had time, just not that week. But you don’t have to do any of these things! This is your project.

6. You will converse in all kinds of Acronyms and feel very smart (but not at first…). Here is your primer: RAW, SOOC, JPEG, ISO, PSE, LR5, PS, DOF, POV, AP, EXif, GIF, GIMP, —and no, I’m not going to tell you what they mean. But I will tell you one: SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). If you start your first discussion on this site “What is SOOC?” well, you will get an earful, so tread lightly. All it means for many folks is that you did the settings or the photo has not been edited outside of taking the photo.

7. You get to own the project. Your project, your rules (so if you skip a day, so what!? Keep going!).

8. You can do selfies. Unless that’s not your thing. But you’ll enjoy the folks who have turned it into an art form.

9. What you learn could lead to other opportunities! Just think, you might decide you are a photographer after all. I joined a photography club locally, and I’m having a blast getting critiques.

10. You will feel super great after one year! AND you might just be able to make your mark with something you created for this site alone. For example, I end long narratives accompanying my photo with the word HOT DOG! It’s a celebratory word. I give people points for their narratives (no I don't) and for going to the end of mine (no I don't--haha). I haven’t gotten around to an all-time award (it's been 8 years or so?)for those wonderful folks who read everything of mine, but if they do, HOT DOG helps you focus on what is yours and yours alone.

Wishing everyone the greatest joy at the end of your projects! Happy New Year. And join in on the fun you wannabe 365ers—WELCOME!

Love, Daryl

January 11th, 2019
Hot dog, girlfriend! Just as revealing and necessary today as when you first wrote it! It is nice to find all the reasons I stay in such a succint compilation! And you aren't wrong about on ebit of it! ♥
January 11th, 2019
In all my years here I've never read this! I love it Darryl.

In case you haven't read it @noelleyoung
January 12th, 2019
I always love rereading this each year :)
January 12th, 2019
oh and a very Happy New Year to you Daryl
January 12th, 2019
Beautifully put. I've been here, on and off since 2011 and have met some amazing people, both on the ether and in person. A terrific community.
January 12th, 2019
ha! indeed... all of it!!! (and i haven't seen "pants" in a while... oddly - i miss it!!)
January 12th, 2019
Happy New Year Daryl, and HOTDOG !
Very true. Looking forward to another year of wonderful photographs from all the members on here.
January 12th, 2019
Glad to see athis annual post!!
January 12th, 2019
Discovered 365 purely by chance last May and can happily confirm all ten of the points above. I had never done any type of social media before and I was very new to photography when I joined 365. I honestly think 365 is what has allowed me to find, explore and expand a creative side of me that I didn't even know existed.

Thank you Daryl for this inspirational post - I particularly like point 2: 365 is definitely a troll-free zone and I love the idea that everyday English slang is being picked up and used in all four corners of the globe :)

Thank you to Ross @scrivna for creating such an amazing site.

And thank you to all the 365 members who inspire, support and encourge everyone who posts or comments when they can.

January 13th, 2019
Oh this is the first time Ive seen this post and certainly enjoy reading it thanking you
January 13th, 2019
Thank you for this post :)
I finished my 365 on December 31st and I'm very proud of what I did. Agree with all 10 of the points above, chuffed to be part of this wonderful world and agree there are some cracking photos on here (from a Brit living in Tokyo).
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