#World Wide Minute 2020

February 16th, 2020
Hello All,

World Wide Minute 2020 is fast approaching! This event is hosted on Facebook by former 365 member @westcoastwallis and I will obviously be helping to kick things off/keep track of things here on 365.

For anyone not familiar the run down is simple:

This is an ONLINE only event.
Stop what you're doing on March 15th, 2019, at 5:47pm in YOUR TIME ZONE (please disregard start time on the event info - facebook forces you to enter a time, and doesn't switch it up according to time zones) take a look around you, and take a photo of what you see!
Then, upload your photo to your 365 profile AND the Facebook EVENT PAGE ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1018220891706293/ ) IF you have Facebook and would like to participate there as well) with the following information:

*Your name
*Your country
*Your town, city, or ville (optional)
*A little info about the photograph you're sharing (optional)

This year's hashtag is wwm2020, please include in your tags so that all photos submitted can be easily viewed (please use the hashtag in your 365 profile tag section as well if posting on Facebook.) Feel free to share on any social media, but the main event will be over on Facebook.

Any questions, feel free to tag me in a comment and I will help the best I can. I will also be posting with any relevant updates/reminders etc.
February 17th, 2020
@mej2011 - mel, for 365, the hashtag won't work as it would only bring us to the browse by tag page. when tagging for 365 the # should be omitted. thanks.
February 17th, 2020
Thank you. I'm not very active here anymore so I forgot how things work exactly. My original post has been edited.
February 17th, 2020
gee that came around quickly!
February 17th, 2020
Thanks for the reminder!! I completely forgot last year....
February 17th, 2020
I'll set a timer on my phone now, so I don't forget!
February 17th, 2020
Thanks for the reminder Mel
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