Third Party -v- Camera Manufacturers Batteries - Mirrorless Cameras Added to the Debate.

May 12th, 2021
I appreciate that the debate on third party -v- camera manufacturers batteries is not new and no doubt will continue ad infinitum, however I am wondering whether or not the appearance of mirrorless cameras, adds any new factors to the debate.

I recently traded in my Cannon 6d Mark ii for a Cannon EOS r. Both use the same batteries and I have a number of third party batteries which are around two to three years old. All worked well with my 6D Mark ii, though the life of the third party batteries is not quite as long as the original Cannon battery that came with the 6D when I bought it. They work in the EOS r, however their life, not surprisingly and probably due to age is significantly less than the new Cannon battery that came with the camera.

Mirrorless cameras incorporate an electronic view finder and no doubt more sophisticated circuitry than a DSLR and I am assuming will drain any battery at a faster rate. Mirrorless cameras have been around now for a few years. My question is whether or not they add anything to the debate surrounding third party batteries?

May 12th, 2021
I have little to add to the debate other than I use 3rd party as well as Olympus batteries in my EM1iii & can't really notice any difference. Also happily use 3rd party in my Pany FZ1K, TZ200, Oly TG5.
May 12th, 2021
I have 3 cameras that I use on a regular basis; a Sony A7iii, a Canon 70D and a Fuji XT20. The Canon is a DSLR and the Sony and Fuji are mirrorless. Although I use the OEM batteries as much as possible I have 3rd party batteries for all 3 as backups. These backups do get used regularly and I have never had an issue. I have owned the Canon for 8 years Sony for 3 and the Fuji for 2 so I think that if 3rd party batteries were to be an issue I would have noticed by now so my answer to your question, from my own experience, would be that apart from faster battery drain mirrorless cameras don’t really add anything to the debate. Third party batteries are just fine and much cheaper.
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