📷 Share a Favourite From YOUR Fabulous Album 🥳

May 20th, 2022
Fridays seem to be arriving very quickly!!

As another week has passed it's time to look back through your week and find your best/favourite/quirkiest upload from YOUR Album to share with the wider 365 community.

To do this, click on the arrow that is to the bottom right, below your photo. Copy the data and when you paste it in the thread below, it will become your photo when you click to post.

Do please tell us why you chose this image from your week.

My best (after hundreds of failures).

The best of my hundreds of failures!!

Thank you for supporting this thread, have a happy, healthy week.
May 20th, 2022
Just because….
May 21st, 2022
With wings that beat 53 times per second, it’s not easy to get a decent shot of these birds!
May 21st, 2022
@ljmanning how fabulous to see them though!!
@wakelys such a funny scene
May 21st, 2022
In my opinion, this is nowhere near my best photograph I have taken this week. However the circumstances around it, make it a favourite. You need to read the narrative to understand.
May 21st, 2022
I've been trying to take a decent photo of this church for ages but I have never succeeded. This week I finally managed to take a shot I'm happy with.
May 21st, 2022
@markp great tale ( and candid photo!)
@helstor365 and rightly so!!
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