Which Three-Sixty-Fivers Do You Owe A Lot of Credit?

July 2nd, 2022
I got to thinking the other day, I know that can be a dangerous thing, but I've been on the Project for over 10 years. I have followed a lot of photographers in those years. Some have come and gone but their influence remains with me. Some have really inspired me more so than others, through their photography or their coaching in the advancement of my creative and photographic skills. I do gain something from everyone I follow

I thought that we all need a pat on the back every once in a while as an encouragement as well as letting them know that they are appreciated. And so here is my idea.

Pick as many photographers as you would like to say, "Thank you" to by posting one or more of their images and give a shout-out as to why or how they inspire you.

You don't have to do it in one post. Dedicate each post to one specific person and make it all about them.

If they are no longer on the Project where you cannot post one of their photos, you can mention their name and say what it was about them that inspired you.

Hopefully, we can turn some of the negativity that is prevalent in our world today into something positive.
There is no time limit on this thread. Post whenever you want to add someone to this Hall of Fame
July 2nd, 2022

I'll start things off.
Faye Turner @fayefaye lives in Ontario, Canada. I've never met Faye, but ever since I came across one of her photos I have been hooked and became one of her followers. She has a great eye for composition and the details in her photos are amazing. Especially in her macro photography. I could spend hours flipping through a book or her Project page of her images.
Thank you Faye for being someone who helps me want to keep improving myself and setting a goal for me to, hopefully, one day achieve.

July 2nd, 2022
I think this is a great idea and will give it some thought.

Actually, I find the positive approach of 365, and the beauty of the world so many of the photos present, a real antidote to any feelings of negativity that might come from other sources.
July 2nd, 2022
@ankers70 - Thank you, Suzanne. I hope that there are others who take advantage of this. I look forward to seeing who inspires you!
July 3rd, 2022
I hope I have their names correct... Michael Elliott and Jerry Plume from a decade ago - their photos were so impressive, brilliant and different. They were very encouraging and supportive of my attempts back then. There were many others like them that are no longer here. I can't remember their names, but I remember their images... I really miss their photos!

Although most of his photos are gone - here's one of Jerry's
July 3rd, 2022
@marlboromaam - I followed both of them too Mags. Michael was another who greatly inspired me as well as Jerry.
July 3rd, 2022
The first person who had a great influence on my non existing knowledge about photography and editing was Jane @jgpittenger. As a perfectionist, she noticed and mentioned every mistake I made. While doing anything even now, I ask myself if Jane would approve. I will be forever grateful . This is just one of Jane's hundreds of marvelous captures.

July 3rd, 2022
@ludwigsdiana - You are right Diana, Jane is one of those talented people whose work causes people to say, Wow!"
July 4th, 2022
I have to mention Milanie @milaniet as an inspiring 365’er. She was one of the first to comment on my photos when I was a newbie and quite sure I was out of my element here. She provides thoughtful, kind comments for so many and takes terrific photos too. She is known for her fabulous jeweled web photos and here is an example:

I’m sure she is an inspiration to many folks on this site. Thanks, Skip @skipt07 for the opportunity to join in on the positive energy…great idea!
July 4th, 2022
Thank you so much @ludwigsdiana. For me…Michael Elliott , @taffy, @fueast, and Lyn Todd. Lyn and Michael are from years ago…Lyn really helped me see light, @fueast to see depth, and @taffy and Michael Elliot to see the incredible beauty in cities and understand composition
July 4th, 2022
And more recently both @nicoleweg and @dutchothotmailcom for their razor sharp birds that are almost always doing something interesting. Nicole:

July 4th, 2022
I admire the unique,signature style,genre and photography taste of these following awesome artists,@beachradish@amyaspada@janimaki @aprilmilano @gavincci @northy @jackies365 @domenicododaro @graemestevens and I have many more excellent 365 favs,gosh!,the list is too long to mention but they know exactly whom I’m talking about..❤️🥰👌👏

by graemestevens




July 4th, 2022
Alexis Birkill @abirkill is/was one of the photographers who helped me understand a lot of what i know in photography. his advice and instructions were precise and easy to follow. other 365ers who had been helpful not just to me but to others as well and/or whose work inspired and continue to inspire me are @mikegifford @northy @mccarth1 @taffy @jerome and @netkonnexion to name but a few. and then there are those with whom i have formed strong friendships simply by supporting each other as we go through this photographic journey (they know who they are).
July 4th, 2022
April @aecasey is another person who helped me tremendously by advising me on a new camera and lenses. She patiently explained what to get and how to do. I have been following April for quite a while and just love her style. That probably is the reason I bought the same camera. This is just one of the many that I love.

There are also so many others whose work I love and find inspiration from, just too many to mention.

July 4th, 2022
Every morning, I enjoy scrolling through the day's posts, marvelling at the skill of the people on the site and the encouragement each gives to others, especially 'new faces'. I have not seen one disparaging comment since I joined.

So, it is hard to pick out particular people and even harder to choose photographs from the many posts. I shall just name a couple of people here. My thanks to:

—Stefano Trezzi: I enjoy his people shots, and the shades of light and dark he plays with @stefanotrezzi

—Jane Pittenger: other people have mentioned her and her supportive commentary @jgpittenger

—Korcsog Károly: he conveys so much through selection of small details, often of architecture @kork

—Shook Chung: her eye for textures and lines is inspiring. @shookchung

Now that's four already and I had better stop. But I could list more.
July 4th, 2022
@happysnaps is my mum
she introduced me to 365 however many years ago that was now (maybe 2014?)
When we had the catastrophic floods earlier this year and I couldn't post, she posted a flower every day here for me

I find it hard to even begin to shout out to the many that have made my experience her so amazing and fear I will leave too many out.
July 4th, 2022
I am grateful to Diana @ludwigsdiana for so many reasons. Her photography is stunning. She is always presenting interesting and curious details of her surroundings which are so different to mine. And she presents everything in stunning sharp photographs, with vivid colours. She has an eye for details that I relate to.
Her albums are so carefully thought over and presented. A look on her calendar views is a pleasure.
She is always providing a lot of interesting information. A wonderful person to follow and learn from, and be inspired by.
I have this very bad habit *which I am fighting and trying to correct) of belittling my work and not knowing my worth. And Diana has contributed to my awareness and to my determination to fight that.
Thank you, Diana!
July 4th, 2022
I was fascinated by the ICM images in black and white posted by Mikel Skoog @mikelskoog . I was very impressed by his experience in photography, which was longer than my whole life :D Fortunately, I was here for his one year project.
Thank you, Mikel!
July 4th, 2022
Giuseppe Arcamone @sogniesintomi has fascinated me with his style in street photography. I am amazed at how he grabs the scene in instances which I would immediately dismiss.

There is always a story in his photographs.
I once took a shot which I shortly deleted, and after the delete was done I realised how "Giuseppe" that shot was. I have no proof :D But I love his style and I look forward to his daily photo.
Thank you, Giuseppe.
July 4th, 2022
@monikozi Thanks a lot to you. Really...
July 4th, 2022
This is an interesting exercise, as I think so many 365ers have influenced me. For my city scenes, michaelelliott was a huge influence as was @rosiekerr (along with her fantasy composites.

For b&w, @northy.

For nature and birding, @jgpittenger

But this list doesn't begin to capture the many photographers I follow whose work helps me think about my own in new ways.
July 4th, 2022

What a great discussion thread! I could run through a rather large list of those who've had a huge influence on me here and once I post this, I'll probably think of several more I should have included, but I'll start with 4 of the most prominent and those who come to mind first.

The first would be Bonnie Lusted who is no longer here in person but her impact on me was immeasurable. Her photos really encouraged me in my own particular style and I think of her often- especially when I'm picking up on some interesting detail on a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

The second would be Peter DeGraff whose amazing work with aged film and expansive vistas captured my imagination. His initial support of my project also made a huge impact on me- how could someone so amazing be interested in little old me?!

The third would be the delightful Mme. Summerfield. She presented me with one of the most amazing gifts I've ever received and thanks to her I finally graduated from point and shoot bridge cameras to the "big girl" camera I'd thought about for so long. Her studio style photos also got me interested in doing the same, but alas her amazing selfies never pushed me to get more comfortable with that genre. She's much more photogenic than I am anyway! And Piggy never would have had her best friends the Critters, if it wasn't for Little Wahoo. Thank you Vikki for always believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself!

And finally who isn't inspired by the whimsy and humor of Chris Johnson. Needless to say, Chris and CJ were the inspiration behind The Lego Photo Club and many of my plastic menagerie's adventures. Thanks to Chris and to CJ for many smiles and laughs over my years here on 365.

Truthfully, everyone one of my followers and those I follow has inspired me through the years with their own brand of creativity and their distinct perspective and eye- so even if I didn't mention your name above, please know you have most certainly impacted me as well. What a great place this is!!!
July 5th, 2022
@skipt07 Thank you so much for the recognition. I appreciate you taking the time to compliment me on my photos. Macro photos can be challenging but with lots and lots of practice you can eventually get the results you want. Thanks again ... you made my day!
July 5th, 2022
What a great thread idea! Many of the folks I would mention have already been noted: @fayefaye @jgpittinger @milaniet @ludwigsdiana. But let me add @aecasey who makes absolute beauty out of everyday scenes

@taffy whose night sky images spurred me to try my own, even with just my little compact (everything else she does is fantastic too)

@vignouse who showed me black and white landscapes have richness and depth

And @yoland. She wasn’t here that long and seems to have dropped off, but she was a pilot and her cockpit photos were the stuff of dreams.
July 5th, 2022
@taffy Very kind of you. Thanks! :)
July 5th, 2022
@taffy - Thank you Taffy for participating. You can recognize as many people as you want. The sky is the limit. There are many that have influenced me as well.
July 5th, 2022
@summerfield - I hope Alexis @abirkill is doing well. I too miss his participation on the Project! He inspired so many of us and was a great mentor.
July 6th, 2022
@happysnaps and @koalagardens for showing me Australia. @diana and @NinaGanci for showing me South Africa. Places I will probably never see in person but what a pleasure and privilege to enjoy their pictures! @taffy for the most amazing images of Chicago - a place I know pretty well :) CJ, Legographer and Chris J for always giving me a reason to smile! @pyrrhula for his beautiful pictures of the country, flowers and most recently a forest! I could go on and on and on!! Thank you, everyone on the 365 project!
July 7th, 2022
@ankers70 - There are no limitations to the number of people you chose to give a shout-out.
July 7th, 2022
@olivetreeann - There is no limit to the number of people that you want to give a shout-out to. If you think of others, by all means, share their work and tell us how they impact your photography.
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