Camera Card Practice

August 10th, 2022
I am curious to know how people use there camera cards, I generally reformat mine as soon as I have downloaded and backed up my images so I always have an empty card when I come to shoot next, but I know that some folk carry on using the card until it is full and then put in a new one. The advantage of this latter practice is that you have another back up if anything goes wrong. What do people do, reformat or keep card as a backup?
August 10th, 2022
I rarely use a camera with a card these days but when I do I keep using the same one until it’s full for everyday use but when I go on holidays I use a new one and keep it so I have a backup of those photos
August 10th, 2022
My camera takes two cards.
I usually upload my photos on the day I take them and only reformat when my card has a problem.
I tend to alternate the cards in the two slots in my camera.
August 10th, 2022
@allsop I do the same. Plus, my photos as uploaded to the mysterious "cloud." I don't like a cluttered up card. Ha ha!
August 10th, 2022
I keep all photos on my SD card until I've backed up the ones I'm keeping to both my hard drives which are kept in different places ( don't trust the cloud!) I tend to back up every 2-3 months

I was taught to never delete from the card but reformat ( was also taught to reformat after transfer to computer done to always have empty card....)

I have been known to go out with a fullish card and not have a spare with me when it was filled most annoying and you'd think I'd have learned from this....... but probs not!!!

August 10th, 2022
like @annied, I usually upload my photos on the day I take them and only reformat when my card has a problem.

I have an external SSD drive where I store all of my photos, with a filing system that works for me. I do need to be better about backing that up, though.

August 10th, 2022
I only reformat my card in camera when there is too much on it. Obviously after I have backed up on an external drive.
August 10th, 2022
I upload pictures on the day I take them, but do not delete them from my card. When the card is full, I take it out and replace it. It feels like having a negative that way in my mind!
August 10th, 2022
I never delete from the card. When a card is full I replace it with a new card and 'file' the card as a potential back up if it is ever needed.

Like @olivetreeann I back up every day to my laptop and about once a week to an external hard drive as well as to the mysterious Cloud.
August 10th, 2022
I download photos everyday, but they also stay on the card until the end of the month. Makes it easier to find the newest ones each day if there aren't a million photos to sift through.
August 11th, 2022
I have a large card but even on a special occasion day where I have taken loads of shots it is never full. I also remove all shots from the card asap when I am back at the computer. I have had the same card in the camera for over a year and only formatted it the once. I do have spare cards that are smaller as a backup. All my photo's that I keep are stored on a solid state hard drive that can be easily removed from inside my computer if needed. I have raw files backed up in editing software for my important ones.
August 12th, 2022
I format my card, after every download!
Except when I'm on holiday. Then I download to my laptop or iPad, but keep them on the card too. Just in case.
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