133rd Six-Word Story Now Starting

August 18th, 2022
Thanks Wendy @farmreporter for hosting the last challenge and thanks to everyone who voted my hungry woodpecker chicks as the winner.

The object of the game is to take a photo and title it with a short story of just six words that describes the image. You can think of the title first and take the photo or take a photo that has a six-word story naturally attached to it. Either way - the title must consist of six words - no more and no less!

Joe Muli @joemuli, the creator of this fun challenge, has provided us with a useful link that epitomises what a successful six word story would look like.

You can submit as many entries as you like, but only one of them will be selected as a finalist. The photo must be taken & uploaded within the time frame of the challenge.

I am back dating the start of the challenge for those of you who may already have a photo waiting in the wings.

Challenge Tag: sixws-133
Start Date: Backdated to August 8th
End Date: Saturday, September 10th

All Entries may be viewed here:

Have fun with this one!
August 18th, 2022
Can’t believe 133,still up and running? congrats and thx for the shout @taffy❤️👌
August 19th, 2022
@joemuli my absolute favourite challenge!!!
August 19th, 2022
@joemuli It's such a great challenge -- so glad you started it!
August 19th, 2022
August 20th, 2022
Taffy - September 7th is actually a Wednesday.
Did you want the challenge to end on Wednesday (7th) or Sunday (10th)?
August 20th, 2022
@farmreporter It probably makes sense to end on a Sunday. I'll change it. Thanks for catching that!
August 20th, 2022
I was going to suggest that since there are two other challenges ending on Wednesday and none on Sunday!
So it works out great!
August 20th, 2022
@farmreporter Oops, the 10th is Saturday so I corrected the day, but still ends on the weekend instead of mid-week.
August 21st, 2022
My stupid calendar has Saturday as the last day of the week rather than Sunday so I goofed as well.
But, we got it right between the two of us!!
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