Film Cameras

May 13th, 2023
I've recently got back into shooting on my film camera (a Pentax K1000 SLR) again, alongside my Nikon. I've just had a roll of Ilford HP5 film I shot in January and February developed, and put a few of the snaps up on my project.

I was wondering if anyone else here does much film photography, and what you're using if so?

May 14th, 2023
I sometimes use film cameras. The pinhole camera I used for the Pinhole Day is a film camera and am waiting to see if I managed to get anything from it. I also did a Film February challenge where I used Instant photos.
May 14th, 2023
Peter de Graaff @peterdegraaff shoots NOTHING but film, developing it himself I think and mostly does pinhole as well.
May 14th, 2023
@grammyn Thank you for mentioning me. I think I have been doing mostly film for the 10 years
May 14th, 2023
@peterdegraaff of course. I thought you had but I wasn’t sure and I felt others needed to know.
May 14th, 2023
I have a couple of my mum's old film cameras ( a canon and a Rollieflex) and have put film through both with varying levels of success. Most wierd not to be able to chimp!!!
May 15th, 2023
Off and on but have recently loaded a roll or ektar 100 with a expiration date of 1993 in my canon AE-1. This could a bust or who knows.
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