Generative AI in photoshop

May 24th, 2023
Adobe released AI generative fill into their public beta version of photoshop yesterday. I got a chance to play around with it a little bit and found it really impressive. I've just been using blank prompts and using it like a powerful content-aware fill to remove things, and expand the image.

Has anyone else had a chance to play with it? What are your thoughts?

May 25th, 2023
I watched a video about it yesterday, pretty clever!
May 25th, 2023
I went through a some old photos, used the crop tool to extend the canvas, then use generative fill to add to the sides. Here's a quick example.


AI fill:
May 25th, 2023
That is scary.
May 25th, 2023
@frodob Very scary, but pretty dang cool too!
May 26th, 2023
one of the political parties in new Zealand is using AI images in its election campaign, ones i have seen are about crime and really play up sinister vibes!
May 26th, 2023
I played with it some more today. I took this photo of my daughter on a rope bridge:

I then selected the people in the background and hit generative fill to remove them. But didn't like how she was so far on the bottom of the frame, so I adjusted the crop, and filled in the bottom. Maybe 3 minutes worth of work to do this:

Not perfect, but I didn't use any prompts on the image generation, and this is still a beta product. I'm impressed with it.
May 26th, 2023
Seems to work well, but the landscape seems to me to have a flaw with the gray tree to the upper right of the foreground tree, all the trees to seem to be rounded and that tree has an abrupt edge. My eyes were drawn to that.

Unless that is a gray rock outcrop.
May 26th, 2023

This is a good explanatory video.

As I understand it, the images the programme uses are from Adobe Stock and licenced for use. The number of images that one can generate at the moment is unlimited but this may be changed. Lots of other relevant information.
May 26th, 2023

Portrait above, expanded below.

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