posted May 17th, 2017
First of all a BIG THANK YOU to:

1) Kathryn @houser934 for hosting the last challenge with her nicely shot critter;
2) All those who voted for my Bulgakhov inspired photograph;
3) All participants in the challenge, I hope you will join in the 156th as well!

Second, my humblest apologies for being so late in starting the new challenge. I wanted to give you a bit of our “Grande Bellezza” and I couldn’t find nothing appropriate in my 2 TB of old photos. So I shot it expressly for you today: and since it is a challenge, you will have to fight against no less than Bernini!

Then, I did not know how to upload the starting picture in order not to have it in my main album… So I upgraded to ACE membership to have more than one album and yeah, now I’m bound to this project for at least another year ;-)

OK, I’ll stop chatting. This is the starting picture.

Edit it at your heart’s content. All interpretations are welcome: add, subtract, desaturate, liquify… the only rule is no rule at all!

The challenge will run for exactly two weeks from today, May 17th, 2017 2.00 p.m. CEST to Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 2.00 p.m. CEST. During the following week I will take the burden to select some finalists, and voting will take place thereafter.

Here are, diligently cut & pasted from the last challenges, the official


- Save the starting image on your computer. NOTE: If you select the “Sizes” under the right-side menu and scroll down to the ORIGINAL option you can copy and paste to your browser or download a higher resolution version of the photo.

- Upload the photo you edit to one of your albums and tag it WWYD156

- Please add your image to this discussion thread to keep the topic “alive.” (Go to your edited photo, click on the arrow by your comment and fav numbers, copy the "embed" code on the left, and paste it In the comments field on this thread.

- Multiple entries are allowed.

- There are no editing rules. Edit the starting image any way you’d like. No editing software on your computer? No problem – go to a site like Picmonkey and upload/edit your pic for free. You won’t be able to use all the features but there are plenty you will be able to use.

Please use these WWYD Challenges to push yourself to try new editing techniques! If you’re just beginning work on tonality, color control, curves, detailing, sharpening, gradients and other effects. As you get more familiar with all the editing tools you can add things like dodge and burning, layers, masking and textures. As you push yourself even more move to image extractions and full compositions. Remember to keep pushing and learning, and most of all have fun along the way!


posted May 18th, 2017
I'll throw one into the pot...

posted May 18th, 2017
@domenicododaro You might consider uploading a higher resolution version if you have one...it would make editing a little easier.
posted May 18th, 2017
@houser934 Thank you, Kathryn. Wild light and colors! As to resolution: the "original" uploaded is a 1,7 MB 4987 x 3325 pixels at 300 ppi file (meaning a 42 x 28 cm at 300 ppi starting picture.) Would you advise an even higher res?
posted May 18th, 2017
Hmmm. No that's fine. I missed that on the download options. I'll check again.
posted May 18th, 2017
@domenicododaro Thanks for going to so much bother to give us a fun photo to play with.
Have had a go:
Caption :
"Wow guys, love your reno!!"
posted May 19th, 2017
@robz hahaha fun interpretation! Mars attacks!
posted May 19th, 2017
@domenicododaro @houser934 I think "original" is only available to the original poster. The largest available 'large' size is 1024 px wide max. You can post a dropbox link or similar Domenico if you have one.
posted May 19th, 2017
@ltodd @houser934 Thank you... My apologies for being so dummy... I enclosed a link to the original size in the main post and I repeat it here... Hope it is accessible to all!
posted May 19th, 2017
@domenicododaro yep that works fine! :)
posted May 19th, 2017
@ltodd 😊Now look forward to your edit!
posted May 20th, 2017
My second attempt...a little more natural, with a little more emphasis on the tourists rather than the fountain.

posted May 22nd, 2017
@houser934 Good, effective edit! Lots of information recovered and the red-haired lady stands nicely out!
posted May 22nd, 2017
Nothing like taking it to extremes...

posted May 22nd, 2017
@dyanstevens Whoa! Extremely extreme!
posted May 25th, 2017

posted May 25th, 2017
@lsquared a Bernini shoutout!
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